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English with Ease is a primary education consultancy company. It aims to give teachers and educators the knowledge and skills they need to effectively teach all areas of English in primary schools with a particular focus on grammar. Although part of the company Teaching with Ease, English with Ease is exactly that- an easy way of focusing on the skills and content of reading and writing.

The company believes in active and engaging activities, inspiring a new generation to use a range of literacy skills across a variety of subjects. At the heart of the business is The Big Book of Grammar Teaching: a how-to guide for teachers. Instead of focusing on summative assessment, the handbook gives teachers practical strategies for the teaching of skills from Year 1 to Year 6.

Alongside the handbook, The Grammar Gang comprises of four characters: Susie Subject, Vince Verb, Olivia Object and Tim Tense. They give children a visual structure to focus on when writing, and the Punctuation Aliens remind students how to use punctuation correctly.

English with Ease is not only a traditional consultancy company; it provides bespoke, online training in a modular format, so that head teachers can pick and choose the modules their staff need to be successful in their literacy teaching. English with Ease can provide in-house training, or – in a world where budgets are becoming more stringent, making the cost of a course and the supply teacher to cover classes extortionate – access to online courses. This makes CPD more affordable to all sizes of schools and budgets, and allows teachers to have flexibility in when they train.

“Great training was provided by English with Ease! Jill provided us with practical resources which will ensure that the quality of our English lessons improve. Our session focused on parts of speech, revisiting the aspects that we teach throughout the primary years. Her explanations were clear and allowed us to focus the session on planning with the texts that we are teaching. The session was thoroughly enjoyable.”

Michelle Ginn, Principal of Blackthorn Academy

English With Ease - 3 punctuation aliens