Dark Water by Sara Bailey

Review by Ellen

dark-water-by-sara-bailey-imageA decade ago Helena escaped from her small town island life and moved to the city. She has barely been back to her Orkney home since, avoiding visits whenever she can. But now her father is ill and she has to face her old life, community and relationships, including her stepmother, Kate, with whom she does not see eye to eye.

As well as braving the gossipy and tight knit life she left so long ago, Helena must also take on a devastating past. Visiting her best friend’s grave for the first time, she begins to relive a tragic time in her head as the old wound heals.

The story moves at a fairly slow pace, perhaps reflective of the island life that Helena has forsaken for the rush and bustle of busy London, but I prefer my books to be a bit pacier and less descriptive. I also found myself struggling to relate to the lead character, although this could well be a clash of personality between me and Helena, which will not affect other readers. Most of the drama came from best friend Anastasia’s story so I would have liked to have seen more of a focus on this; I suspect this would have sated my need for action.

Overall Dark Water is well written and thought out. It was not for me but I’m sure that other readers will love it.

*Book release date, October 2016. Review copy used.

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