Things We Have In Common by Tasha Kavanagh

Review by Ellen

Things We Have In Common imageThings We Have In Common is a brilliant though uncomfortable read. A dark tale, it follows overweight teenager Yasmin, who spots an unknown man looking at her crush, Alice, one day on the school playing fields. Yasmin is unpopular at school, having failed to keep her friends after her dad’s death shattered her world. Instead she turned to food for comfort, leading to disastrous results in the weight department and shattering her self-esteem. In lieu of friends and desperate for affection, she is unhealthily obsessed with the popular and successful Alice, who vaguely knows of her existence.

When Yasmin spots the stranger she is convinced that he is a sinister man with a plan to kidnap Alice. Despite a complete lack of evidence this becomes the focal point of her existence and she is determined to protect Alice and earn her love in a dramatic rescue. Determined to uncover the truth and unmask the stranger, Yasmin is gradually swept into his life, with skin crawling results.

This dark novel is written from Yasmin’s viewpoint for the stranger to read. The plot is full of twists, which keep you wondering and questioning whether Yasmin is completely deluded or on track to stop a vicious crime with the power of her perception, or perhaps both.

It’s a fascinating read, which leaves you questioning the human mind and although it isn’t ideal bedtime reading I couldn’t put it down. Thoroughly recommended.

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