20th March 2016: Starting Out

With only three days left of work as a Year 6 teacher, I am feeling excited by the prospect of going it alone. My initial intention was to consult with Upper Key Stage 2 staff, but after writing some ideas down, I was plagued with the notion of creating a teacher handbook to make the teaching of grammar easier for the already busy primary teacher.

English with Ease aims to make the teaching of grammar fun: the Grammar Gang teaches children how to construct sentences; there will be a range of grammar videos, accessible to teachers, children and parents at home for participating schools and a range of games to embed knowledge.

We are a profession on our knees with overwork, endless data requests and countless education reforms. Trying to keep up with the growing ‘To Do’ list, teachers need the resources available on the internet- how could they get everything done otherwise? Imagine giving your teachers access to a range of resources with a one-off payment. Imagine having a consistent approach so children are being taught grammar explicitly throughout their primary education. Imagine empowering your staff, so that they feel confident teaching the sometimes complex terminology (let’s remind ourselves of the past progressive question at the start of the mock SAT paper).

Will it engage both staff and children? I am lucky enough to have a wonderful illustrator as a friend, who has brought my ideas to life. Seeing Susie Subject, Vince Verb and Olivia Object (the first of the Grammar Gang) come to life, has been wonderful, and the punctuation aliens are both cute and informative.

For all of you who want to integrate grammar into every English lesson, join me on this exciting journey.

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