3rd August 2016: When the summer holidays seem far too long…

Whilst teachers are celebrating managing to get to the end of yet another long school year, the dread takes hold in parents as they struggle to supply their children with enough stimulating activities to allow family life to resemble just that rather than a zoo full of escaped animals.

The supermarket comments (“You only work 9-3 every day anyway with weekends off”) morphs into a more-than-slightly frenzied “children don’t need 6 weeks of holiday time!” Perhaps the children don’t, but as the relief of having nothing much to do kicks in, teachers take in an impressive yoga breath (of course there is no time in term time for relaxation) as the daily humdrum of planning and marking ceases to exist for at least 2 weeks.

Because we all know that actually, none of us switch off.

As Pokémon Go takes over from the structured timetable of school, parents can ensure that their children do manage to squeeze in some writing, even only as a way of ensuring that the all-important bunny grip is not lost in the fog of gaming.

English with Ease is now creating a range of resources for both parents and teachers that can be used alongside your children’s interests and hobbies. Remember that reading and writing on the computer is better than not at all; though EwE has broken the worksheet code (Never-Never-Never!) to produce downloadable activities, which can also be completed on the computer.

Start with the Pokémon Debate- because even if you are not sure which Pokémon are by all standards, lame, your children definitely will. We all want (yes, myself included-sorry!) that Gyarados, but frankly, having to save up 400 of the useless Magikarp candies is enough to make any budding Pokémon trainer sigh in frustration. Allow your children to look up stats on their favourite- and least favourite- Pokémon online before constructing their views into a persuasive argument. (Find the activity on the free resources page).

And if all of that Pokémon chat has left you wishing for the simpler days of Enid Blyton, you can read ‘Five go Pokémon Hunting’ on the blog page.

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