Online course: Teaching parts of speech

Are your students bored learning about grammar? Have you lost your passion for literacy teaching? Then this course is for you. Gone are the worksheets; replace them with fun games that will help your students understand how sentences are constructed.

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • recognise different parts of speech
  • define parts of speech in a concise way
  • apply practical activities in a classroom setting
  • plan opportunities to extend students’ knowledge of parts of speech
  • use formative assessment to show students’ progress

This course will give you the confidence to teach parts of speech and analyse the effect of their usage in a sentence. It will provide you with games and resources so that you are able to start using your new knowledge immediately.

This course is currently HALF PRICE! Instead of paying £50 you can pay just £25.

The course includes:

Parts of speech posters
Grammar Gang characters
Grammar planning document
Critical thinking cards
Hilarious Headlines game
Astounding Adverbs
Definition Bingo
Subordinate Conjunctions spinner
The course will give you access to 8 instructional videos and 25 downloads.

Yes, I want to be a grammar guru! Join today.