English With Ease offers a variety of resources, guidance and assistance for parents to improve your child’s academic success.

The Education Effect

The Education Effect is a year long programme for parents designed to strengthen knowledge and skills in English and make learning more fun through our games based approach. You can join The Education Effect community to get access to skills webinars, podcasts, resources and games.




Give your child the skills and confidence they need to be successful in school with private tuition. Jill provides after school and holiday tuition in both English and maths.

“My daughter is much more confident and looks forward to the tutoring sessions. She is comfortable with your teaching style and finds you easy to talk to. We are happy to have a reliable and friendly tutor – we will be recommending you to friends and family.”

Mrs S, Year 5 parent

“One thing that I found extraordinary about Jill is that she writes an evaluation after every tuition session. Most importantly, she was able to tell me my daughter’s education levels and I am glad that we moved back so that she could catch up on the things that she had missed out of the previous years.

“Jill makes learning a much more enjoyable and exciting activity for children. As a parent I feel I am investing in the right direction as I want Jill to continue up to high school with my daughter.”

Year 5 parent

More about tuition

Private tuition will give your child the dedicated one-to-one attention they need to focus on their areas for development, something which is not possible as part of a class of 30, however skilled the class teacher. This can either help children to reach the expected standard for their age group if they have fallen behind or give them the knowledge to reach for higher achievements in their stronger subjects.

Tuition is available in Kempston, Bedfordshire, UK. All members of the household hold a current DBS (view DBS for Jill Creighton and Ellen Creighton). Home visits can also be considered depending on location and times. Weekly or twice weekly tuition is available for both primary and secondary age students.

What’s included:

  • Personalised tuition based on your child’s abilities and aims
  • Lesson plan and full written feedback for each session
  • Homework will be provided each week and it is expected that it will be completed
  • Notebook and folder