Definition Bingo! (Year 6 grammatical terms)




Encourage your children to remember key grammatical terms with our take on the classic game of Bingo!

It includes the important terminology that pupils will need to succeed in the Year 6 SATs.

Terms included: active, adjective, adverb, adverbial, ambiguity, antonym, apostrophe, bracket, bullet points, capital letter, clause, cohesion, colon, command, conjunction, dash, determiner, direct speech, ellipsis, full stop, hyphen, modal verb, noun, noun phrase, object, parenthesis, passive, past tense, plural, possessive pronoun, present tense, pronoun, prefix, preposition, relative clause, relative pronoun, semi-colon, singular, speech marks, subject, subordinate clause, suffix, synonym, question, vowel, word family.

The pack contains 32 boards so there are enough for the whole class. Give definitions of grammatical terms or ask a child to give a definition. Pupils with the matching grammatical term must cross it off and the first person to cross off all their terms wins.  To assess and reinforce understanding, ask a child to give the answer after each term has been described.

Suitable for whole class or small group work.

Example board


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